Evaluation of the learning success in projects

Product Description
A short publication resulting from the PIA2 project - in which project management was considered as an instrument for improving the quality of teaching and training delivery in VET - which focuses on the changing nature of education and training and the need to balance traditional teacher-led input with opportunities for experiential learning. Having introduced a number of core premises centred on traditional teaching and training approaches and learning objectives, the focus is on models and tools that can be used to evaluate or assess learning achievement (learning success) reflecting on different landscapes (including project or scenario based learning) and actors and with a notable focus on experiential learning. At the end of the publication, example learning evaluation materials are also provided.
Needs, Context and Use
The original transfer concept centred on confirming the importance of project management within education and training circles with a number of countries targeted during initial (PIA) and subsequent (PIA2) transfers, notably those where there was less of a tradition of project management among teachers, trainers and other educators. The publication on the “Evaluation of Learning Success in Projects” is part of a suite of continuing professional development materials and focuses on the adaptation of traditional teaching and training delivery to incorporate experiential and project-based learning, with a particular focus on mechanisms for evaluating learner success in all such delivery landscapes or models. The publication exists in 5 European languages (EN, ES, FR, IT, PT) and could as easily be used as part of self-directed learning or as part of a bespoke training course or set of workshops for multiple professional learners.