Capacity-building among Teachers and Trainers

remember to invest in the development of managers, teachers and trainers

In this section of the WBL Toolkit, the focus is on:

  • supporting teachers, trainers, tutors, mentors or workplace supervisors through providing access to guidance, handbooks, tools and templates able to facilitate the planning, development and delivery of work-based learning;
  • exemplifying different skills profiles, and skills requirements, for those working on the planning, development and delivery of work-based learning.

An important starting point, and one that, over time, will facilitate the delivery of work-based learning commitments, is that of investing in training and capacity-building for managers and others involved in teaching, training and human resources development.

Having recognised the value of work-based learning for one or more groups of learners or employees, it is also important to have a strong foundation on which the planning, development and delivery of work-based learning can be established.

Whilst there are aspects of learning delivery that might seem like second nature to some, it is equally true that there are areas where additional training or capacity-building might be beneficial, with topics potentially including: development and use of learning outcomes, embedding assessment and recognition; developing workplace mentors; delivering work-based learning as part of an employee development programme.

In terms of professional development, a lot of work has already been done with a view to confirming the skills required by those involved in the planning, development and delivery of work-based learning. Consequently, numerous skills profiles already exist (including in this Toolkit) that might serve to inform those selecting or developing staff to be involved in future work-based learning activity.


Further Reading

 Guiding Principles on Professional Development of Trainers in VET (Cedefop, 2014)

Download (pdf, 595kB)


Case Examples

Professional Development Opportunities for In-company Trainers: A Compilation of Good Practices (Cedefop, 2010)

Download (pdf, 453kB)