Go&Learnet: Handbook for the Hosting Company

Product Description
The Handbook is the result of a number of past-funded projects, the most recent being the Go&Learnet project in which partners from 6 countries came together to transfer and experiment with the Go&Learn model for teacher and trainer development. The overall Go&Learn concept centres on networking education and the local/regional economies through building partnerships via which teachers, trainers and other educators can get a better insight into the knowledge, skills and competence that is required by local industry. The model encourages educators to Go&Learn, with company visits very much at the heart of this activity and with improved education and training delivery that centres on the needs of the workplace, clearly the ultimate goal. The Handbook provides suggestions for company hosts in terms of how to structure future visits and gives an insight into the different types of visits that might be organised (discovery, thematic, reflective) and the different themes that might be covered. There is also a proposed schedule provided alongside a template for feedback from visit participants.
Needs, Context and Use
The Handbook provides guidance for those hosting future workplace visits and is arguably best suited to those fully adopting the Go&Learn model. Nonetheless, there are aspects of the Handbook, such as the schedule of potential topics and the type and timing of any future visit, that could more generically inform any workplace visit. There is also the potential to use this model to demonstrate the potential for capacity building for teachers, trainers and other educators, promoting this as an example of past success.