BestVET: Process Map and Guide

Product Description
The Process Map and Guide, produced by the BestVET project, was designed to act as a guide for VET institutions looking to implement one or more quality management and development systems from among those already identified as best practice within the higher education sector. In particular, the focus was on mentoring for professional development, the use of learning contracts (and learning outcomes) and learning management systems (LMS). The Process Map and Guide works through each of these core topics, with theory, goals, models, targeted skills and practical exercises each covered, at one level or another, across the three themes. With initial texts centred on piloting the use of these new models, tools and approaches, a final further chapter focuses specifically on steps towards full implementation.
Needs, Context and Use
The Process Map and Guide, and related Support Documents, centre on piloting and implementation of the 'BestVET Total Development System' within a VET (or other learning-oriented) institution. The proposed models, tools and approaches have each been proven as worthwhile within the higher education sector and, more recently by BestVET, within the VET sector. The mentoring approach, and the use of learning contracts (and learning outcomes), are each equally relevant to companies and others providing workplace or work-based learning opportunities. The use of a learning management system is also wholly relevant to those responsible for learning management within any body or institution. The BestVET Process Map and Guide should be used in-tandem with BestVET Support Documents, which mirror the different chapters of the Guide (mentoring, learning contracts, LMS, implementation) albeit with a range of useful theories, models, examples and templates provided.