Pool of Exploration Tasks (examples)

Product Description
A series of examples developed by the ComEd project which focused on developing competences among staff working in VET and further education, by integrating work-based exploration tasks. In a number of examples, provided from the original pool, the concept of “Exploration Tasks” is illustrated through presenting four distinct exploration task outlines, each confirming the subject of exploration, key questions or themes, targeted results and associated tools able to facilitate delivery. Additionally, examples of introductory slides are provided for each of the four exploratory topics being addressed. Among the four accessible examples, two are in English, one is in German and one is in Romanian. Themes addressed include welding, ceramics and photo-lithography.
Needs, Context and Use
Whilst few in number, these examples serve to positively illustrate the “Exploration Tasks” concept (also presented in the ComEd “Best Practice Manual” product) providing an insight into task planning and delivery. Examples can expect to act as a prompt for the development of similar task briefs for those considering use of the “Exploration Tasks” concept.