Video Sharing: Introduction to Web 2.0 Video Apps

Product Description
The go4job project allowed apprentices to produce digital media input through which recent changes in the world of work were able to be recorded and reported, including to those still in education, with a view to ensuring the relevance of general education to the future labour market. Apprentices worked together, during project-days, and produced video-based materials. To enable use of all such materials, a short Video Sharing guide was produced, to build competence and confidence among educators, confirming how video-based materials can be used in classroom settings. Texts, in English, confirm how the video medium can be used to enhance teaching and learning, and also provide a set of instructions for those wishing to produce their own video content.
Needs, Context and Use
The go4job project centred on two important concepts. On the one hand, recognising the fact that the labour market is ever-changing and the importance of influencing change in the delivery of future education and training. On the other hand, responding to the need to continually invest in the development of those working in teaching and training. As a product, the Video Sharing guide fits particularly well with both of these goals, allowing educators to become more familiar with the video-based medium and it use in education, whilst also encouraging continuing education-industry collaboration through which changing job profiles and workplaces can be related, relatively easily, to those responsible for future programme development and delivery. The guide is easy to follow and to understand and could be used as a standalone self-development tool, or as part of targeted workshop in which staff would reflect on, discuss and, ultimately, initiate the development of video based materials. From a work-based learning perspective, there is also the potential to incorporate the broader go4job model into school-based projects where the changing role of the labour market is considered.