Development of an Innovative Apprenticeship in the Retail Sector - Guidelines

Product Description
Produced by partners from five European countries, the guidelines begin by introducing the project source (the UPPRETAIL project) prior to presenting the background methodology which extends to both policy learning and mechanisms for delivering change and improvement in retail apprenticeship. A single comparative reflection confirms common characteristics and main differences in policies and practices as well as legal frameworks which govern apprenticeship delivery. Country-specific chapters are provided for Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with texts covering three levels (national, regional, local) and extending to policy and social partnership and to the distinct perspectives of VET providers and employers. In all cases, strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement are equally highlighted, with an often-practical focus tied to apprenticeship development and delivery.
Needs, Context and Use
The guidelines bring forth both an insight into existing policy, practice and provision in retail apprenticeship in four European countries, and deliver both policy learning as well as recommendations for change and improvement. The audience is broad and might include those working to design or improve apprenticeship in the targeted sector, as well as those working in frontline delivery, where continuous improvement might be targeted. Recommendations might equally serve those outside of the original data cohort – for which there was a notable focus in the original project on southern European countries and on the retail sector - with the process for reflection arguably also relevant to other countries and other occupational sectors. No obvious conditions for access other than in terms of linguistic availability with guidelines produced in five partner languages plus English.