tune in! toolbox

Product Description
Building on successful practices, tools and approaches for the prevention of student dropout, partners from six European countries came together in the ‘tune in!’ project with a view to sharing and transferring all such successes. Transfer results are brought together in a single toolbox in which approaches and examples are brought together as a common resource for teachers and trainers. Partners focused specifically on practical training, with production schools in Austria and Denmark at the heart of the initial transfer process, with ambitions for dropout prevention ultimately translated into a series of practical activities centred on motivating and empowering students, and on developing personal and social competences and skills. The resultant toolbox comprises two initial chapters in which the experiences of export partners, in Austria and Denmark, are presented. Beyond this, a final chapter brings forth specific examples of tools and approaches that might be used to more directly engage learners and, as a consequence, to minimise dropout.
Needs, Context and Use
The tune in! toolbox is the result of a transfer of experience and expertise and forms a direct response to the need to better engage students and to subsequently reduce levels of dropout initial vocational training. The toolbox contains practical examples of exercises that can be used by teachers and trainers in initial vocational training and has a notably practical focus (learning by doing) reflecting the original transfer source of production schools in Denmark and Austria. Notably, a set of associated guidelines has been produced (accessible at: www.tune-in-project.eu) for those new to the subject of educational dropout. Materials (toolbox and guidelines) can be accessed in English and all six partner languages and form a useful and practical addition to occupational and transversal learning materials. In terms of future use, partners have adopted a creative commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike).