PROVE - Pedagogical Manual

Product Description
This resource aims to support continuing use of the Productive Learning process and concept by teachers and trainers working in the field of VET. A range of topics is addressed, including: Being a Teacher in Productive Learning; Admission and Orientation in Productive Learning; Learning in Practice; Learning Workshops; Individual Counselling and Group Counselling; Documentation and Evaluation; Digital Learning and Mobile Devices in Productive Learning; and Personal, Self-Management and Social Skills. Numerous links are also provided, allowing access to a series of practical resources and materials.
Needs, Context and Use
Original goals for the PROVE project centred on a transfer of knowledge, experience and resources to allow the Productive Learning process to be transferred from general education to vocational training and to countries where the concept was less well known. This resource provides a practical guide for those using the Productive Learning process in VET, providing both thematic introductions to key topics as well as access to a series of useful materials for use in delivering PL. This is a practical resource that is freely accessible online, in English, German and Finnish, and for which a Creative Commons licensing model has been adopted. The resource could easily support those looking to introduce one or more aspects of Productive Learning into vocational education and training delivery, including in the workplace.