ETT Tandem - Collection of Good Practice Examples

Product Description
Building on the ETT Tandem Model, which was trialled across six European countries (Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain and Italy), this resource provides brief insights into the VET systems and institutional practices of the participating partners, also presenting the different Tandem models that were adopted and trialled by participating VET teachers, trainers and tutors. Specifically, this series of (good practice) examples goes one step further than the ETT Model, providing individual and institutional perspectives on the benefits of exchange, collaboration and tandem-working.
Needs, Context and Use
The ETT Tandem concept was developed as a means of exchanging knowledge, information and resources among those developing and delivering vocational education and training, building capacity among teaching and training professionals and others (including employers) working to deliver practical training that is relevant to the needs of the labour market. This collection of good practice examples confirms how the concept was trialled, in practice, in the six participating countries. This collection of good practices can be used in conjunction with the ETT Tandem model to support those looking to initiate exchange and collaboration as a means of developing the capacity of VET staff. The ETT Tandem Collection of Good Practices is freely accessible, in English, and has adopted a Creative Commons licensing model.