Job Developer - Certificate Programme

Product Description
The Job Developer Certificate Programme comprises five self-learning modules able to support upskilling and competence development for professionals working in the field of Entrepreneurship Education. Module 1 provides an introduction to the concept of a “Job Developer” with subsequent modules (provided in a mixture of English and German) allowing insights into the different tools (for example: employment radar; talent diagnosis) that might be used when working with young people as well as introducing options for networking, digital competence and the use of social media, and skills and trends relating to entrepreneurial creativity and initiative.
Needs, Context and Use
The self-learning modules serve to develop the skills of those professionals looking to operate as a Job Developer. At the heart of the Job Developer concept is the development of a personal development plan for an individual young person in which the following questions are addressed: where do I stand now? where do I want to be? what do I have to do? what knowledge, experience, skills or competences should be developed now? what actions have to be undertaken to promote my development? Use of Job Developer concept and tools allows professionals, and the young people they work with, to learn more about labour market opportunities, to analyse existing talents and skills and to agree on a personal development plan through which future work-based learning and training needs are met. The target group of the self-study modules are primarily multipliers such as job brokers, mentors, talent scouts, career advisors and experts who work with young jobseekers helping them to develop a personal development plan. Modules are available in German (Modules 1, 2 and 3) and English (Modules 4 and 5) and can support upskilling and development for professionals. Modules can be freely accessed online and adapted for local use. A Creative Commons licensing model has been adopted.