VET 4.0 - eLearning for Teachers

Product Description
VET 4.0 e-Learning for Teachers provides a series of different learning modules for teachers and trainers operating in the field of vocational education and training. Modules provide an introduction to learning processes associated with Industry 4.0 with a specific focus on the fields of mechatronics, electronics and information technology. Modules complement those developed for use with and by students and other learners and expect to facilitate learning delivery for those new to the topic of field.
Needs, Context and Use
There are four learning modules for teachers which cover a number of topics relevant to increasing use of new and digital technologies in the home and the workplace, beginning with a General Module which introduces the basics of Industry 4.0 and the digitalized world and followed by: Internet of Things and Plant Irrigation; Intelligent House 4.0 and Smart Light Control; and Smart and Keen Company and My Trolley Chip. Each module comprises background information, professional competence matrices (for teachers) as well as specific learning-oriented tasks and, in some cases, options for assessment and evaluation. Learning modules might easily support both self-guided or group-based learning delivery and resources can be freely accessed online.