INTENSE Online Course for Transition Coaches

Product Description
The INTENSE Online Training Course aims at building capacity for those operating (or expected to operate) as a Transition Coach. The course extends to four separate chapters and covers both the theory and practice of transition coaching, with support materials also accessible, in the form of an LMS Manual, for those delivering of following the online course.
Needs, Context and Use
The online training course provides learning materials which aim to build capacity for new and existing Transition Coaches operating in a variety of fields and landscapes. Course content extends to Basic Assumptions and Theoretical Background (Chapter One); Attentive/Active Listening (Chapter Two); Development of Client’s Competences (Chapter Three); and Methodology in Regard to the Central Idea of Transition Management (Chapter Four). Users invited to freely enrol at the online course platform, following which access is granted to a range of supporting texts, tips and practical materials.