INTENSE Training Programme - Transition Coach

Product Description
The Training Programme for Transition Coaches was developed and tested as a part of the INTENSE project and comprises a five-day training programme, able to be take-up and delivered by other bodies and institutions, in which training materials and optimal delivery methods are presented alongside sessions plans, exercises and worksheets for each of the five days.
Needs, Context and Use
The training programme covers a series of topics to help to prepare professionals to act as transition coaches, namely: Introduction, Rules and Goals for Professional Development (Day One); Conceptual Background, Theories, Practices and Motivation (Day Two); Communication and Listening (Day 3); Conflict Types, Negotiation and Problem Solving (Day Four); and Ethical Mentoring and Coaching Principles, Working with Stakeholders and Coaching Materials (Day Five). Training delivery relies on an experienced facilitator, following a training-of-trainers approach. Materials are nonetheless freely accessible online and might as easily support the development of localised or in-house training for those looking to initiate transition support. A Creative Commons licensing model has been adopted.