Fast Lane: Training Material for Employers, Trainers and Teachers

Product Description
Fast Lane Training Material is directed towards teachers, trainers and other professionals, including employers. Materials extend across four individual units, namely: Intercultural Awareness (comprising 11 task-based activities and covering topics centred on building intercultural capacity for those teaching, training or facilitating learning in the workplace); Development of Professional Competences (comprising 11 task-based activities and incorporating skills development for those delivering Work-Based Learning and Content- and Language-Integrated Learning); Job Orientation (comprising 5 task-based activities centred on job orientation and basic skills recognition processes); and Labour Market Orientation (comprising 4 work-based activities centred on recognising key actors and confirming relevant trends in the labour market).
Needs, Context and Use
Materials and resources have a clear focus on building and extending the skills of professionals who develop and deliver learning, training and labour market orientation for young people (for example, teachers, trainers, mentors, human resource professionals) including those working to facilitate skills assessments, work-based learning and/or labour market access for refugees and migrants. Unit-based training materials can be freely accessed online in four European languages (English, German, Italian, Dutch). Individual units confirm targeted learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences) as well as a series of actions or tasks through which professional development is targeted under specific headings. Materials could be easily used to facilitate future course or programme delivery but might also form the basis of self-directed learning for professionals. A Creative Commons licensing model has been adopted.