Fast Lane: Curriculum

Product Description
The Fast Lane Curriculum consists mainly of a series of tasks and exercises that can be used to guide an initial work-based learning experience, extending to vocational, language and transversal (soft) skills development. A total of 24 separate resources are provided across four thematic areas, namely: Starting Work (8 resources), Being a Good Colleague (7 resources), Language (4 resources) and Professionalism (5 resources).
Needs, Context and Use
Whilst the original focus of the Fast Lane project, which led on the development of these resources, was on facilitating access to the labour market for refugees and migrants, the developed resources could be used to guide early-stage workplace learning activity for any learner audience. The curriculum, and its composite resources, can be freely accessed online in four European languages (English, German, Italian, Dutch). Individual resources are presented as a series of steps confirming what activity is being targeted, how the activity should be approached [by the learner], what tasks need to be undertaken, how to reflect on progress and options for recording achievement. Tasks and activities are categorised and could be used partially or fully to guide early-stage learner activity in the workplace. A separate Curriculum Guide also exists, to facilitate use of the different project resources. A Creative Commons licensing model has been adopted.