Further Training Modules for Specialists for Vocational Orientation

Product Description
This resource comprises a series of five training modules, which have been developed to support new and existing professionals that aims to provide vocational orientation to young people considering options for work-based learning. Each of the five modules has a slightly-different focus, being centred on a specific industrial sector or field, with the following five sectors covered: industrial and technical sector; handicrafts sector; commercial sector; service industries sector; and green sector. Individual training modules comprise statements on the targeted competencies, delivery options and time/duration expectations. Specific materials are also provided for those wishing to deliver a course of continuing professional development for professionals operating (or planning to operate) in the field of vocational guidance.
Needs, Context and Use
Materials target upskilling and professionalisation among the different actors that are tasked with vocational guidance and orientation, be this in a formal capacity (for example: job centres; public or private careers guidance services) or as an integrated part of education and training. Materials can be used to support full course or module delivery (continuous professional development) or might also be used by those wishing to undertake self-guided learning. Materials can be accessed in English and German. The training modules expect to be used to upskill existing professionals guiding young people towards vocational and/or work-based learning activities.