Workplace Tutor Goes Europe: Learning Platform

Product Description
The Learning Platform is a place for in-company trainers and tutors to undertake professional development. Online course materials expect to provide in-company trainers with the skills required to guide apprentices, trainees and colleagues on a successful learning journey. Participants learn about the differences between formal and informal learning environments, with special attention given to the workplace as a place of learning and to the different learning practices of adults and young people. The targeted skills sets centre on enabling workplace trainers and tutors to analyse, plan, implement and evaluate workplace learning delivery.
Needs, Context and Use
Workplace tutors often take on learning and training-related tasks in addition to their day-to-day activities yet with continuously changing requirements in VET, there is an increasing demand on in-house trainers and tutors to upskill and build new capacities. Those working to develop and deliver learning need to become a learning guide, make active use of work processes in learning delivery and apply the latest evaluation and assessment methods. Online course materials were originally developed for face-to-face learning delivery, during the lifetime of the "Level Up! Workplace Tutor Goes Europe" project. Course materials remain freely accessible online, however, and together with the course handbook can be used to support others delivering the course either partially or fully.