Handbook for Workplace Tutors

Product Description
The Handbook for Workplace Tutors is a resource for in-company trainers and tutors. Workplace tutors often take on learning and training-related tasks in addition to their day-to-day activities and this resource aims to help in guiding, implementing and assessing workplace and work-based learning. As well as providing an overview of the profile, expected activities and possible qualifications requirements of the European Workplace Tutor (a predefined profile developed during numerous past projects), the handbook provides insights into work-based learning theory and practice and proposes specific methods and approaches that might be easily adopted in the workplace (for example, problem-based learning).
Needs, Context and Use
Like many other education and training roles and professions, workplace tuition is changing, with increasing calls to professionalise this important role. Responding to this need, and building on existing profiles such as the European Workplace Tutor, special attention must be given to the workplace as a place of learning, as well as to the fact that adults and young people learn in different ways. The Handbook for Workplace Tutors is aimed specifically at those developing or delivering workplace or work-based learning. Whilst some reference is made to possible qualifications requirements, this is not a pre-requisite to using the handbook. Materials can be accessed in 6 languages (English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish) and the handbook, and its resources, can be applied or used in any workplace or work-based training context.