Practice-Oriented Controls in Company-Based Training

Product Description
Building on previous successes in transferring work-based learning models and methodologies to countries less familiar with this type of learning delivery, this resource considers assessment methodologies suited to the delivery of work-based learning. Diverse assessment methodologies are presented alongside Blooms Taxonomy of Learning with a view to enabling building capacity and understanding on assessment practices that are well-suited to company-based or practice-based learning delivery. Broader introductory texts are supported by specific examples of assessment procedures for the field of cutting mechanics (i.e. the field that was addressed in the original transfer project).
Needs, Context and Use
Assessment practices and processes are discussed in detail, including an introduction to the role of assessors, types of assessment methods (multiple choice; matching block; short answer; self-assessment, profile, etc.) and options for their use in the development and delivery of work-based or practice-based learning. Whilst there are no pre-requisites for accessing the resource, those wishing to make use of specific assessment tools and methodologies should normally be qualified, as a minimum, to the level of vocational training that is being assessed. The resource is freely accessible, online, and a Creative Commons licensing model has been adopted.