Manual on Work-based Training and Examples of Good Practice

Product Description
The Manual on Work-Based Training and Examples of Good Practice initially centres on explains core concepts and terms associated with the development and delivery of work-based learning, prior to presenting examples of good practice. Among the examples of good practice, insights are given into the development of work-based learning in a number of European countries, namely: Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey.
Needs, Context and Use
The manual outlines the school-to-work transition process in each of the participating countries and presents approaches used in preparing young people for entry to the labour market. For each country, two case examples covering work-based learning and/or transition are presented, providing a wealth of information for those looking for inspiration in the redesign or renewal of their own processes or practices. The manual is freely accessible online with a Creative Commons licensing model having been adopted. Whilst some of the case examples are accessible in English only, the introductory chapters are accessible English as well as all partner languages (Bulgarian, German, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish and Turkish).