Go&LearNet Study Visits Catalogue

Product Description
Taking the form of a web-based catalogue, a series of short-courses, presentations and introductory programmes are described through which a better insight into the operation of a particular company or sector can be gained by those working to develop and deliver education and training. Users can opt for the international circuit or can choose local catalogues and provision, but content is often the same and confirms both the nature of the targeted input (for example, lean production, brand promotion) as well as the title and duration of the presentation or visit. In all cases, there is a maximum number of participants that can be hosted and there are deadlines for enrolment provided alongside local contact details. Participants can also register interest for one or more topics and will then be contacted should a future event emerge.
Needs, Context and Use
This is a good example of how education and industry can work together, with enterprises and other industry actors providing an insight into modern techniques and models of operation and with education and training actors then able to consider how this is reflected in current learning provision, informing change as required. At the point of review, there were relatively few courses on offer, yet the tool itself is a good example of that which can be achieved where there is the required commitment (including financial) and confirmed interest for education and industry collaboration. There are no pre-conditions for access or use. As it stands, courses are described in EN only - even where the host site extends to other languages - thus requiring at least a basic understanding of English. Courses might operate in different languages and this would need to be confirmed at the point of registration. The product serves as a good example of that which can be achieved through education-industry collaboration and might easily inform similar courses provision elsewhere in the future.