Enterprise+ Self-learning Materials (Modules)

Product Description
The Enterprise+ Self-learning Materials take the form of a series of self-learning modules which aim to support competence development for professionals operating in the field of entrepreneurship education. Training material extends to a range of relevant topics supporting continuous professional development.
Needs, Context and Use
The first module centres on analysing entrepreneurship potential and provides a tool to detect entrepreneurial strengths. The second module aims to support mentors and multipliers in managing and delivering workshops on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity, building mentor confidence and competence and providing theoretical insights and practical solutions. The third module supports those mentoring new or existing business start-ups. The fourth module confirms the value of networking and network building with a focus on business venture and business enhancement. Modules adopt a storyline approach in order to make learning more stimulating. Self-learning materials (modules) can be used independently or collectively according to the needs of the targeted professionals. Modules can be freely accessed, having adopted a Creative Commons licensing model, and continue to be used by Enterprise+ project partners and, in some cases, within local educational provision.