WINGS4Success Facilitators' Toolbox

Product Description
The WINGS4Success Facilitators’ Toolbox is a Moodle platform which supports the promotion of intergenerational learning in small and medium-sized companies by providing an open and collaborative e-learning space.
Needs, Context and Use
The toolbox can be used by intergenerational learning facilitators to provide training in the workplace. It provides tools for intergenerational training, derived from numerous past projects and adapted for use in delivering and supporting intergenerational learning. The toolbox includes online modules for intergenerational at the workplace, a creative consulting tool, practical recommendations for SMEs for the promotion of intergenerational learning at the workplace and an assessment tool for measuring intergenerational competence and achievement. Users are required to register on the Moodle platform to then allow free access to the developed materials and resources. The Moodle platform hosts materials in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.