Be a Mentor in the Workplace: Mentor and Mentee Development Tools

Product Description
Building on research and knowledge exchange activity involving six European countries, partners in the ‘Be a Mentor in the Workplace’ project worked to develop and deliver a number of important tools and materials for SMEs, and others, considering the introduction or improvement of mentoring programmes. Accessible in six European languages, materials comprise an ICT-based framework, a mentor profile and training programme, an e-mentoring handbook, a guide for mentees and a set of evaluation questionnaires. The framework supports organisations wishing to introduce a process of mentoring for the very first time are provides a useful step-by-step guide. The mentor profile aids the selection and training of mentors and guides for mentees confirm the roles and responsibilities of each actor in the mentoring relationship as well as outlining key processes and development steps.
Needs, Context and Use
Whilst the concept of mentoring is arguably not new, partners have harvested and further developed a useful set of materials for use by those new to the process. The developed materials are notably generic, and are thus easily able to be adapted for use by those wishing to initiate a mentoring process in the workplace, aligning this with one or more aspects of transversal or occupational skills development. Training modules are accessible by registered users only, requiring contact with the initial developers. The mentoring framework and mentor profile are available to download immediately and are notably pertinent for those just starting to consider mentoring in the workplace. Mentor and mentorship materials are further enhanced by a specific Guide for Mentees.