WINGS4Success Facilitators' Training Curriculum

Product Description
The WINGS4Success Facilitators’ Training Curriculum promotes and facilitates intergenerational learning among human resources professionals, owners, managers, directors and specialised staff working in small and medium-sized companies. The curriculum provides insights into the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by those looking to implement or improve intergenerational learning in the workplace.
Needs, Context and Use
The curriculum extends to 3 modules, namely: What is Intergenerational Learning at the Workplace (Module 1); What is Needed to Create a suitable Intergenerational Learning Environment (Module 2); and How to Plan Intergenerational Learning (Module 3). Each module is defined in terms of knowledge, skills and competences and comprises the following elements: overview, timetable, content, learning outcomes, training organisation, methodology and self-assessment options. The curriculum comprises 20 hours of training in total with individual modules incorporating elements of e-learning and active workshop participation and with curriculum delivery options extending to self-assessment, simulation, role-play and self-guided study.