WBLIC: A Framework for Good Practice

Product Description
As a result of the WBLIC (Work Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum) project, a set of guidelines, and indicative principles and practices, were developed with a view to raising awareness of the concept and importance of Work Based Learning (WBL), further informing the development of an integrated WBL curriculum for use in the Higher Education sector. The guidelines provide a framework for the planning and delivery of learning and aim to ensure that the needs of both learners and employers are met. Principles and questions target successful WBL development and delivery and are supported through the provision of bespoke resources (including case studies) able to support stakeholders in future programme delivery.
Needs, Context and Use
Guidelines are intended to be used by those involved in strategic planning, and programme and curriculum development in the Higher Education sector, particularly those with little or no existing knowledge on the development and delivery of WBL. Arguably, materials might also be used in working with policy planners, employers and other educators seeking to broader their knowledge on the use of WBL to support the modernisation and delivery of Higher Education, improving the responsiveness of the HE sector in meeting labour market needs. Materials introduce a curriculum development cycle that centres on labour market needs as a key driver of educational programme development. Materials also provide a series of questions that can be used to reflect on existing practice, stimulating discussion and dialogue among relevant educational stakeholders. Questions centre on three main pillars, namely: how to build education-industry partnerships; actions required to provide the structural capital necessary to successfully develop and deliver WBL; and, developing the capacity and capability of academics and administrators to deliver a flexible and responsive portfolio of WBL provision to meet the demands of employers and the labour market.