Soufflearning: Trainer Manual

Product Description
The Soufflearning Trainer Manual is a support manual for those trainers planning to deliver the training via the Soufflearning concept: Soufflearning is a experiential learning and training concept that relies on workplace training delivery using short learning modules and which reflects the needs and practices of small and micro enterprises, with subsequent actions centred on the internalisation of new skills and on self- (on-the-job) learning. The Soufflearning Trainer Manual provides an introduction to the Soufflearning methodology and concept in addition to confirming the required skills for trainers and core programme delivery steps. The Soufflearning Trainer Manual also provides a series of checklists and questionnaires that can be used when planning, delivering and evaluating training.
Needs, Context and Use
The Soufflearning Trainer Manual provides background to the training methodology concept alongside tools and pointers to enable future training delivery. Whilst arguably not an off-the-shelf product, with the heart of this training concept centred on delivery that reflects the needs and practices of individual companies, there is plenty of information and guidance given to those considering use of this concept to govern or guide the delivery of a future training programme. In this respect, the Soufflearning Trainer Manual is oriented towards education and training institutions and employers/manager of companies wishing either to deliver or to benefit from future Soufflearning training experiences. As a concept, Soufflearning is promoted as being relevant to training in a number of work areas (for example: customer service; management and leadership; teamwork and communication) with a host of advantages also promoted, among them flexibility, adaptability, and a foundation in real-world business processes. There is a requirement for trainers wishing to make use of the Soufflearning training method to contact the project coordinator via the project website ( The Soufflearning Trainer Manual, in English, remains freely accessible for download via the ADAM database. Other languages versions (BG, CS, DE, EL, ES, FR and IT) require a password for download.