Product Description
The TRA¡NSITION! package extends over four distinct sections in which "Basic Information" is initially provided, confirming goals, methods and (direct and indirect) targets for the training package. This is followed by a series of eight "Training Modules" that come together to form the TRA¡NSITION! Curriculum, along with a small number of "Case Studies" and a "TRA¡NSITION! Portfolio", the latter presenting tools and materials that can be used by course participants when working with ultimate target audiences. Training materials are predominantly based on PowerPoint presentations yet contain a wealth of data, much of which remains relevant today. Additional background materials, able to be used during course delivery, are also available for download.
Needs, Context and Use
The TRA¡NSITION! package was initially developed with a view to transferring a successful (clearing) model, from Austria, to practitioners in other countries working with young people facing educational transition, specifically those working with young people with disabilities or special needs. The focus remains one of capacity-building among all such practitioners working to provide guidance, counselling and support to the ultimate target group. Materials remain relevant to the originally targeted innovation-transfer and could easily be used for continuing professional development (CPD) in the future, albeit with a need to potentially update some references. Materials are provided as eight individual training modules covering Background (1), Partnership with Schools (2), Teaching Materials (3), Counselling Techniques (4), Assessment of Competences (5), Individualised Transition Planning (6), Work Practice and Partnership with Employers (7) and Managing the Transition Process (8). Supporting tools and materials are also provided. Currently, there are no limiting factors in terms of delivery style, method or timing although the complexity of the subject matter and the depth of material provided suggests more than a single day for course delivery.