NetKnowing 2.0 e-Learning Suite: Basic Course

Product Description
The NetKnowing 2.0 e-Learning Suite provides direct access to the Basic Course developed within the NetKnowing project and allows participating SME staff (following registration) to develop their knowledge and understanding of learning forms, learning technologies and learning in networks. The Basic Course extends across three distinct modules and covers: "Different Forms of Learning" [Module 1 comprising 3 units), "Learning with Web 2.0" (Module 2 comprising 8 units) and "Learning in Networks" (Module 3 comprising 2 units). Learning content is presented in audio, video, text and graphic forms and, in some cases, short assessments or tests are also provided.
Needs, Context and Use
The NetKnowing 2.0 Basic Course provides an insight into different learning types, confirming the importance of non-formal and informal learning and introduces different tools and networks able to facilitate learning and knowledge transfer in the workplace. Site access and use requires learners to have at least basic familiarity with modern technologies (e.g. computer use, internet use). Basic learning content remains valid in terms of the broader themes that are addressed (types of learning, technology-supported learning, learning networks) and could easily be used by SMEs as a resource for staff development.