Join in a Job! Workplace Material: Competence-oriented Tools for Career Advancement

Product Description
Within the ‘Workplace Material’ section of the Join in a Job! Practitioner Portfolio, a number of tools and instruments are provided that centre on recognition, development and, ultimately, career advancement, for young migrants in the workforce. Among the tools being provided, is a guide in which the four-step process of competence recognition and development planning is described, and some of the core tools introduced. Beyond this, specific templates and examples are provided including competence maps, mind maps, evidentiary portfolios and, ultimately, an individual development plan.
Needs, Context and Use
The Competence-oriented Tools for Career Advancement provide a solid basis for competence identification, competence mapping and development planning for individual employees, with additional introductory texts specifically relevant for those working with young migrants. Use of the developed materials requires no more than a commitment to change and workforce improvement, arguably with a need for senior management or human resources (HR) staff to take the lead in terms of developing and introducing programmes for staff (employee) development. Once a broader commitment has been agreed on, by management or HR staff, the developed workplace materials (competence-oriented tools for careers advancement) can be directly used, including at the recruitment stage, with many taking the form of operational templates or practical examples.