TAKE TECH Handbook for Schools

Product Description
The TAKE TECH project aimed at increasing awareness among young people on potential technical and scientific professions and careers paths. TAKE TECH targeted increased collaboration between education and industry through a process of systematic matchmaking that resulted, ultimately, in the provision of onsite company visits for many school pupils: during the pilot phase around 4000 pupils visited more than 150 companies. The TAKE TECH Handbook for Schools provides background to the project, in addition to a series of introductory texts, tools and templates for those embarking on this matchmaking process. Learning goals are confirmed alongside practical steps, particularly relevant to the preparation and delivery of in-company visits. Importantly, the Handbook provides a wealth of operational templates and worksheets that can be adapted for use by those responsible for the delivery of in-company visits in any setting.
Needs, Context and Use
Tackling a confirmed lack of skills workers in technical and scientific industries, TAKE TECH successfully trialled and tested a new systematic matchmaking process involving education and industry partners. The resultant Handbook for Schools provides off-the-shelf materials that can assist other teachers and educators in the planning and delivery of similar collaboration projects and activities. Materials exist in English and a number of other European languages, but might also be considered for translation or adaptation to reflect local delivery needs (where the required permission was granted), or might simply provide inspiration for future actions and activities. Materials can be used support classroom- and company-based activities, the latter as part of a guided company visit.