VET & WORK: E-learning Course for Students

Product Description
The VET & WORK E-learning course comprises 5 video modules that centre on active job search techniques. Different aspects of the original project relied on existing technology and social media platforms and the video-based E-learning course is no exception, with videos ultimately accessible via YouTube. Notably, two of the course modules (videos) centre on the wood and furniture sector with successful Italian entrepreneurs providing their own insights and confirming the importance of work-oriented practical training (learning by doing) for those looking to enter the labour market. Two further course modules (videos) centre on the potential of LinkedIn as a tool for job search.
Needs, Context and Use
Video modules and materials could be used directly in a classroom learning environment, in a career guidance scenario or to encourage self-directed learning by individual learners. For those looking for a job in the wood and furniture sector, the videos might seem particularly significant, providing an insight into the needs of future employers, yet many of the core messages are just as relevant to other professional sectors and learning environments. For those investigating the use of social media in different social and professional scenarios, two of the course modules (videos) are also notably useful. In all cases, access to the course modules (videos) will require a PC and an internet connection. Course modules are provided in Italian with versions also able to be accessed with English subtitles (or voiceover).