New Deal: Job Profiles and Pathways to Attain Competences

Product Description
Partners in the New Deal sector, targeted the development and description of 5 job profiles (job outlines) that are commonly recognised in the large scale retail sector. Job profiles include: sales manager, sales professional, sales activities, shelving self-service and administrative assistant. Short job profiles confirm the expected knowledge, experience and level of learning for new staff members employed in one of the targeted positions or work areas. Provided examples relate specifically to those countries participating in the original New Deal project (UK, ES, FR, LT, IT). In addition, pathways to obtain competences (routes and options for development of the required knowledge, skills and attitudes) are provided for a number of new and existing elements of the targeted jobs and profiles (for example: sales operations; safety in the workplace; use of social media for advertising and promotion) with each providing the content, duration and type of training that might be followed. Competence pathways provide targeted learning outcomes, task descriptions and suggestions for learning delivery, with the latter extending to a range of delivery methods, including classroom, work-based learning and distance learning routes.
Needs, Context and Use
Profiles were developed to assist skills management and skills development within companies working in the large-scale retail sector, including in situations where knowledge, skills and attitudes have been developed on-the-job or in cases where new employees might want to confirm future progression options. A series of example job profiles are provided alongside options for continuing skills development for those looking to enter or progress to one of the cited work areas or positions. The developed job profiles could be used as a basis for the further development of educational pathways for employees, but also as a basis for learning delivery (and assessment) for training and human resources personnel. Job profiles exemplify practice in different partner countries, among those participating in the original New Deal project, and might need to be adapted to reflect the specific needs and expectations of different work areas in different companies and sectors.