Charism Video: Europe's New Passport into the World of Work

Product Description
One of the outcomes of the Charism project, which centred on use of a Case Management approach when working with unemployed young people, was a news report (promotional video) in which the merits of equally relaying formal, non-formal and informal learning are promoted through use of a skills passport, in which soft skills are equally marketed alongside educational achievement and job-specific work experience. The news report (promotional video) centres on the examples of two project participants (Julian and Paul) highlighting specific achievements.
Needs, Context and Use
The news report (promotional video) has a number of potential audiences. On the one hand, it can be used to exemplify, through real cases, the merits of profiling soft and transversal skills alongside more formal job entry requirements. On the other hand, it can show the benefits of soft skills development to those working with similar unemployed cohorts or to those working to recruit young people. There are no pre-conditions or requirements for access or use of the product.