JOEL: Profile of a Mentor

Product Description
The product takes the form of a competence profile, or competence overview, and outlines expectations for a mentor working to support the delivery of work-based learning (on-the-job training) in the health and social care sector. Listed competences are mainly generic (with one or two references to the targeted health and care sector) and come under a number of distinct headings in which mentors are considered as: a learning and development guide, a content-expert, a learning manager (organiser), a professional, a team member and a member of society.
Needs, Context and Use
The health and social care sector has been confirmed as an area for future job growth, yet it is an area which also requires further investment with a view to meeting potential skills shortages, in the future. Consequently, and unsurprisingly, on-the-job learning has become a crucial element in responding to identified skills development needs, yet there exists a broad range of delivery mechanisms and techniques, across Europe, and a wide range of actors involved in learning delivery. With a focus on the important contribution made by mentors, to the delivery of workplace training, required skills and competences are considered under a series of content-related and broader headings. The resultant competence profile, or competence overview, is equally useful for managers and human resources personnel looking to identify individuals to take on the role of mentor, as it is for those wishing to professionalise this role within the workplace.