ECVET-TOUR: Competence Matrices for Cook and Commercial Assistant

Product Description
In the ECVET-TOUR project, the existing VQTS (Vocational Qualification Transfer System) model was used to visualise and present the required knowledge, skills and competences for two recognised and important professions within the hospitality and tourism sector. Resultant Competence Matrices were produced for the profiles of ‘Cook’ and ‘Hotel-and-Restaurant-Trade Commercial Assistant’. Each of the competence matrices presents different fields of competence (e.g. purchasing; menu composition; room sales; administration) and considers key stages in competence development.
Needs, Context and Use
In all areas of learning development and delivery, it is important to know the key competences that would enable successful practice in the targeted profession. In the case of the hospitality and tourism sector, two professions were selected as a starting point yet with room for continued development or adaptation to other professions and sub-sectors. Resultant materials have the potential to support course or programme development, including where there is a work-based or workplace learning element, or might simply encourage more tightly defined recruitment practice in the future.