EURIAC: Tools and Materials Supporting WBL through Mobility

Product Description
As a result of the EURIAC project, which centred on the development and testing of an educational unit in ‘industrial automation’, a number of mobility support tools were developed, many of which have continued value for those considering work-based learning delivery that centres on, or includes, a period of international mobility. Noteworthy, among the developed tools and materials, are: templates for a memorandum of understanding and a learning agreement, a mobility checklist, units of learning outcomes (centred on industrial automation) and proposed assessment grids (tied to the units of learning outcomes).
Needs, Context and Use
Developed learning outcomes and assessment materials, are easily able to support continued delivery in areas where industrial automation is an employment or learning target. These materials also serve as an example for those wishing to develop similar learning outcomes and assessment materials for their own sector. Standard mobility tools, templates and checklist add positively to those already in circulation in the field of mobility.