DNDS Dealer Training Programme: Case Studies

Product Description
As a part of the DNDS (Developing New Distribution Skills) project, the ‘Dealer Training Programme’ was designed to aid those working with and within the automotive industry to improve essential business, retail and distribution skills. Aligned with training programme development was the production of a series of useful Case Studies, in which different aspects of sales and distribution were exemplified, including customer profiling, supply chain management and the use of new technologies to improve sales behaviour and conversion rates. Each of the 6 Case Studies is presented in written (report) format and has a supporting video and teaching notes.
Needs, Context and Use
With a reliance on the use of smaller dealers to support retail and distribution in the automotive industry, yet recognising the fact that many such small business were no longer in operation or having to reconsider their business model, the DNDS project focused on providing a skills development response for those choosing to remain in the industry, promoting increased competitiveness and more effective business operations. In addition to the development of a training programme, in which critical skills development targets are confirmed, the developed Case Studies serve as a means of exemplifying the need for, and benefits of, investing in training. Skills development goals are also positively with changing customer needs and updated environmental legislation, each underlining the need for new knowledge, skills and competences among dealers.