BAGRu Toolbox

Product Description
In the BAGRu Toolbox, a broad range of methods and tools are provided that can be used by trainers, teachers and others working with unemployed or low-skilled adults with a view to imparting job-relevant and transversal skills concepts that will ultimately facilitate labour market entry. Methods, tools and approaches extend from basic CV compilation to action planning, survival strategies and interview techniques, providing sufficient range to enable their use with groups of different sizes and abilities.
Needs, Context and Use
Whilst arguably on the periphery of work-based learning, a number of the developed methods and tools relate provide work-oriented learning scenarios that can be used to introduce employment and employability concepts when working with specific learner cohorts, in particular those seeking to enter the labour market. Some of these models could easily be adapted for use within initial education and training programmes where work-based learning is an embedded part or for use with those undertaking work taster or work sampling activities.