European Workplace Tutor Training Programme: Training Modules

Product Description
The European Workplace Tutor Training Programme aims at equipping tutors with the competences they need to plan, deliver and evaluate training, to guide workplace and work-based learning processes and to assess (and respond to) individual and organisational training requirements. In contrast to many tutors and trainers, workplace tutors often take on learning and training related tasks in addition to their day-to-day work activities and, to assist with this, a training programme (series of modules) was developed to professionalise the work being done. In addition to providing an introduction to the training programme, the following core themes are addressed in separate modules: self-evaluation - from instructor to learning guide (module 1); analysing and assessing the learner (module 2); planning the tutoring (module 4); and tutoring in the work process (module 6).
Needs, Context and Use
Like many other education and training roles and professions, workplace tuition is changing, with increasing calls to professionalise this important role. Responding to this need, and building on existing profiles such as the Berufspädagoge (Workplace Tutor) in Germany, partners created the 'European Workplace Tutor Training Programme' (series of modules) in which special attention is given to the workplace as a place of learning, as well as to the fact that adults and young people learn in different ways. A complementary 'European Workplace Tutor Multiplier Handbook' also exists to complement the training programme and to raise wider awareness. Many of the targeted skills already form a part of the role of workplace tutors yet, course content was developed with a view to ensuring that all such actors have the required pedagogical skills and competencies to ensure enhanced workplace learning delivery. In addition to being taken up by individual learners (self-directed study), modules can easily be used to support traditional or blended programme delivery, be they led by (internal) company trainers or (external) training providers responding to an identified need.