Best-Practice Manual: Presentation of Preparation and Implementation of Exploration Tasks (Teaching and learning Arrangements)

Product Description
This short introductory manual was developed by the ComEd project which focused on developing the competences of staff working in VET and further education, through introducing and integrating work-based exploration tasks. The manual initially presents the concept of “Exploration Tasks” prior to presenting a number of examples of perceived best practice, as brought forth by different project partners. Whilst neither a recent delivery, having been produced in 2010, nor a particularly complex delivery model, the concept is notably well aligned with the ultimate goals of work-based or work-oriented learning and equally encourages VET practitioners to build partnerships with industry. The manual is available in English only.
Needs, Context and Use
Whilst initially developed for those working in the micro and nano-technology sector, with examples of best practice notably reflecting developments in this sector, the approach could easily be used in other vocational sectors or training programmes with the “Exploration Tasks” concept easy to transfer and the provided examples wholly useful in terms of illustrating possible delivery models. Additional examples, are presented separately under the related ComEd “Pool of Exploration Tasks" product.