Peer Review for EQAVET: Peer Review Training of Facilitators / Trainers

Product Description
A small series of training handbooks was developed by the “Peer Review for EQAVET” transfer of innovation project, with a view to developing capacity for internal quality assurance within VET. In each of the two developed manuals, there is a distinct focus on staff development. The “Training Manual for the Training of Peer Trainers” centres on the initial training of small groups of staff, building capacity for this training to be cascaded to other VET staff and institutions. The second manual, a “Training Programme for Peer Review Facilitators” centres on a model that can be used by all such (trained) staff in the training of peer facilitators, who have a complementary role to those participating in the actual peer review teams. In both cases, manuals centre on a multi-phase delivery model in which preparation (module 1), peer visits (module 2) and peer reporting (module 3) are at the heart of training programme delivery, prior to putting peer review plans into action.
Needs, Context and Use
The “Peer Review for EQAVET” project responds to a need for enhanced quality assurance in VET, with the developed manuals targeting improvement through capacity-building for staff. There are no specific requirements for use of the developed manuals although adaptation might facilitate use specifically with or by those working on WBL delivery. In addition to enabling capacity-building for teachers, trainers and other staff working in VET environments – promoting continuing professional development as a facet of work-based learning – there is arguably some potential for this (peer review) model to be used to improve the quality of distinct WBL delivery and provision.