goMOVET.eu: Introduction to Transnational Modules

Product Description
A series of six transnational modules are briefly introduced in a single promotional flyer, together representing the results of a two-step development and delivery process spanned by the MOVET and MOVET II projects. Whilst the projects arguably extended to more than just modules development, with many ECVET principles at the heart of the more recent MOVET II project, it is notable that each of the resultant modules incorporates an element of workplace training and/or skills testing. Listed modules cover electro-pneumatics, PLC, IT bus-systems, hydraulics, CNC and CAD/CAM and are aimed at those undertaking a three-week placement in one of the targeted disciplines. Modules confirm targets for content and learning delivery, student participation and educational and workplace settings.
Needs, Context and Use
With a definite leaning towards learning recognition, particularly for those undertaking a period of geographical mobility, it is equally important to recognise the role of companies in assessing and validating skills, something that the developed modules positively encapsulate. Whilst the described modules are limited to delivery within the participating MOVET institutions, each can serve as a positive example of company involvement in skills testing, including for those taking part in a transnational mobility experience. Modules are briefly presented and, in this sense, ought to be easy to replicate for those working on the delivery of similar (short) programmes in other VET sectors and disciplines.