Teach, Learn & Quality: In-company Classes Inspiration Book

Product Description
Produced as part of a series of three Inspiration Books, this publication centres on the topic of In-company Classes. As a guide for teachers, trainers and other educators (for example, company coaches), the book initially presents the concept of In-company Classes, confirming this as a means via which theory and practice can be brought together in a workplace setting yet distinguishing this from other forms of work experience in which teachers often play a lesser role. The publication centres on initial planning, preparation and delivery of in-company classes, adopting a “before, during and after” stance and providing an insight into the key actors and core considerations that each of these steps involves. In the penultimate chapter, a series of practical checklists and tables are also provided. Notably, the Inspiration Book on In-company Classes is available for download in English and four additional partner languages (ES, FI, NL and PT).
Needs, Context and Use
Each of the three final publications, produced by the “Teach, Learn & Quality” project, was developed with a view to inspiring change and improvement in the delivery of education and training with capacity building for staff at the heart of project delivery. The publication acts as both an introduction to the concept of In-company Classes and a step-by-step instruction manual for those wishing to deliver similar programmes in the future. Limited adaptation might be required to fit in with local education delivery frameworks and legislation. The overall focus is on capacity-building for staff and institutions working in the delivery of education and training and having ambition for closer collaboration with industry.