Entrepreneurship Skills Pass (ESP) Website

Product Description
The Entrepreneurial Skills Pass, or ESP, is defined as an international qualification through which VET students (15-19 years old) who have had a real entrepreneurship experience (business creation, business development) can be assessed and can ultimately receive certification. The ESP is presented, online, as a three-step concept, comprising: an "Entrepreneurial Experience" (a mini-company experience that takes place in the classroom with direct involvement from business and industry), "Self-Assessment” (a process of online testing via which students can reflect on what they know and what they have learned before, during and after their entrepreneurial experience) and a "Final Online Examination" (confirming the level of business knowledge and skills that have been achieved).
Needs, Context and Use
The goal of the ESP is to facilitate the development or business-oriented and entrepreneurial skills among VET learners, enabling self-assessment and, ultimately, skills certification. Additionally positive is the direct involvement of industry and enterprise partners in delivering entrepreneurship education. One of the main challenges for ESP is tied to the fact that it remains presented as a concept only, with access seemingly limited to those having participated in the project. That said, there is definite merit in continued promotion of the ESP concept, with members of the initial consortium able to be contacted by those wishing to get more directly incvolved in future delivery. In the first instance, the idea is to become familiar with the concept (mini-company experience involving local enterprise; phased self-assessment, final exam and certification).