VET & WORK: Manual of School-Work Alternance

Product Description
The VET & WORK Manual of School-Work Alternance provides a project-based insight into the use of an alternance model in education and training, with experiences presented from the perspective of the targeted wood and furniture sector. Having introduced broader project goals and ambitions, the manual introduces the concept of school-work alternance in secondary-level VET, and provides an insight into the key planning, delivery, assessment and orientation steps followed by VET & WORK project partners. Chapters include: Guidelines and Tools to Plan and Design the “Alternation” and the Shared Assessment of Learning (Chapter 1); A Training and Orientation Model for Alternation (Chapter 2); A Performing Training Course (Chapter 3); and, an Integrated System for Orientation (Chapter 4). In all cases, chapters confirms goals, actors and targeted actions, with delivery and assessment of the school-work alternance model at the heart of the described activities.
Needs, Context and Use
The Manual provides a useful overview of how to use school-work alternance to increase the preparedness of learners, for labour market entry or for continuing in education and training. The Manual is also practical in the sense that it provides a series of tools and frameworks that could easily be adapted or exported for use in other learning environments or vocational sectors. The chapter on orientation does have a notably Italian focus yet is useful in terms of confirming the range of actors (internal and external) that might need to be consulted or involved where a programme of alternance training is being considered. The manual is available to download, in PDF format, with versions available in both English and Italian.