Report of Good Practice for Vocational Architecture Training

Product Description
Five institutions from five countries came together to share good practice in the field of architecture and the built environment, with a particular focus on facilitating transition between higher and vocational education and the world of work. After two years of collaborative working, and sharing, results are brought together in a single “Report of Good Practice for Vocational Architecture Training”. Having introduced the original project (goals, rationale, participating partners), the report provide examples of unique and interesting practice within the targeted professional sector, with examples extending to each of the five participating countries (BE, CZ, ES, PL and the UK). Examples cover Employability Initiatives for Graduates (Chapter 2) and CPD within Built Environment Professions (Chapter 3), with the former additionally incorporating non-academic initiatives aimed at all sectors of the community. In Chapter 4, the benefits of international mobility are confirmed. In Chapter 5, an online map of initiatives is introduced (this is also separately presented in the WBL Toolkit). Finally, a small set of case examples provides a student-centred insight into learning through mobility. The report is available in English only and can be downloaded in PDF.
Needs, Context and Use
On the one hand, the report provides an insight into different practices centred on improving the employability and work readiness of students and learners and this might be used to prompt change and improvement among those developing future programmes and courses within and beyond academic settings. There are specific arguments given in favour of real world projects and mobility international mobility (internships), each equally positive for those developing and delivering future programmes. On the other hand, existing and future students might benefit from accessing the case examples, through being able to better relate their international experiences.