European Architecture Network: Map of Initiatives

Product Description
Five institutions from five countries came together to share good practice in the field of architecture and the built environment, with a particular focus on facilitating transition between higher and vocational education and the world of work. After two years of collaborative working, and sharing, results are presented in a Report of Good Practice and in a Map of Initiatives. Each of the two core products centres on existing initiatives that favour increased employability and work readiness among students and learners in the targeted professional sector, with examples extending to each of the five participating countries (BE, CZ, ES, PL and the UK). In the Map of Initiatives, entries are colour-coded according to the type of institutions at the helm (for example, higher education institution, private practice, professional body), with a short description provided for each of the different actions and initiatives in addition to external links and contact details through which further information can be accessed. The map can be accessed online in English only.
Needs, Context and Use
The map provides a short yet useful insight into different actions and initiatives in 5 European countries and could serve as an example for those developing or delivering future programmes in the targeted professional sector. The map is best used in conjunction with the associated “Report of Good Practice for Vocational Architecture Training” which is separately presented in the WBL Toolkit. Notably, the map also allows data to be exported.