Concept - Hamburg Model: Report of the Working Group on Vocational Qualifications

Product Description
The Hamburg Model is a one year vocational training concept that aims to improve levels of participation in VET among learners with special needs. The report describes how policy makers, having confirmed the state of play, looked to alternative models within the dual system that would encourage participation from those less traditionally exposed to VET. As a consequence of introducing this one year programme, ultimate goals were to reduce levels of dropout and unemployment. The report itself, confirms the remit of the original working group and the initial baseline situation against which changes were confirmed as being needed. Beyond this, the focus is on those areas in need of redress and on providing recommendations for action. The report provides a documented example of a solutions-oriented response from high level policy actors and confirms the importance of accessible work based learning for all.
Needs, Context and Use
The report of the initial working group formed the basis for subsequent transfer actions targeted at countries in the Black Sea Region where similar issues were being faced in terms of VET attractiveness and VET retention. Similarly, this report evidences a process of systems led change with a view to ensuring accessibility in VET and encouraging learner progression and retention.